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GEMSOL UK Ltd is an expert in Magnetics method deployment and resistivity and Tomography Survey Electrical prospecting is one of the oldest methods of geophysical prospecting. Its implementation is relatively simple. 
Direct current (in fact it is often crenels) is injected by means of two so-called injection electrodes and the difference in potential is measured by the result of two so-called measuring electrodes. This depends on the electrical resistance of the subsoil.
From where a wide range of missions:
Cartography,Water saturation, Fluid conductivity, Porosity and permeability,Geological structure, Sinkholes, Cavity, Fractures and groundwater, Archaeological research,Engineering, Study regional geological trends or mineralization,Tunnel digging, 3D Cartography buried foundations.

                                                                                                    DIFFERENT METHODS

ELETRICAL TOMOGRAPHY (Combinaison of  Wenner Schulmberger Process and Pole--Dipole

The acquisition of resistivity data involves the injection of current into the ground via a pair of electrodes and then the resulting potential field is measured by a corresponding pair of potential electrodes. The field set-up requires the deployment of an array of regularly spaced electrodes, which are connected to a central control unit via multi-core cables. (Picture above).

The recorded data are transferred to a PC for processing. In order to derive a cross-sectional model of true ground resistivity via RES2DINV  software.

Tomography 3D